Ghazoua Tapis #8 , 9 x 12" acrylic and pencil on paper 2017

                                                                                Ghazoua Tapis #8, 9 x 12" acrylic and pencil on paper 2017

Solo exhibition

July 2017

Ghazoua Tapis

Galerie Jama
22 Rue Ibn Rochd
Essaouira Medina (map)


Ghazoua Tapis

As I am drawn more deeply into Morocco’s rich culture and landscape, my paintings have absorbed the subtleties and nuances derived from the earth as well as from its textile legacy.

My home studio is located in the traditional village of Ghazoua, about eight kilometers outside of Essaouira.  The piste roads are full of rocks and stones, all beautifully vibrant shades of bone, gray and brown.  The sheep and goats which are herded daily reflect the magnificent simplicity of the same palette, and on occasion are graced with hypnotic patterns. Historically, Moroccans have used the wool supplied by their sheep as well as other natural materials to make carpets.  They range from minimal and mysterious to colorfully dyed geometric abstractions.

I am joyfully surrounded by all of this beauty and mystery in my home and environment. It is the simple and inexplicable combined with the Moroccan zest for life that my new paintings, "Ghazoua Tapis" have been conceived..  



Group exhibition

December 2015

Galerie Tindouf
22 Boul. Mohamed VI
Guéliz, Marrakech


                                                                                                                         Les Oranges 12 x12”  acrylic on paper 2013

                                                                                                                         Les Oranges 12 x12”  acrylic on paper 2013


Hanging alongside well-respected Moroccan artists including New York-based artist Lalla Essaydi, Hassan Glaoui, discovered by Sir Winston Churchill in 1943, and art naif painter Fatna Gbouri, British artist Bill West and American artist James Brown, Kathy Lucoff Godin is delighted to be part of the current collective exhibition now on display at Galerie Tindouf in Marrakech, Morocco.


Solo exhibition

October 2015

Essaouira: Town & Country, a Modern View
(A Garden is a Garden is a Garden)

Dar Souri (Cultural Centre of Essaouira) 
2 Avenue du Caire

                                                                                                                                            La Terrasse  12x12"  acrylic and graphite on paper 2013

                                                                                                                                            La Terrasse  12x12"  acrylic and graphite on paper 2013


Essaouira: Town and Country, a Modern View

(A Garden is a Garden is a Garden)

Paintings on Paper by Kathy Lucoff Godin

For me, a perfect garden is a planned private universe that contains an assortment of natural and man-made wonders. As a lover of the outdoors, painting en plein air in the Essaouira countryside and living in the Essaouira medina have offered me an opportunity to experience and absorb diverse environments while also focusing on a single aspect within those particular spaces. It is not the realism or replication of a physical place or object that I am trying to convey in my work, but a desire to react, capture and express the internalized mysteries and sensations these places and things possess for me. 

The Essaouira paintings were made over the past two years during a time of extraordinary movement - from the countryside to the medina, European travel, and several trips to California. While I was living in the countryside, I painted in a garden and focused on one particular geranium plant in that garden. The geranium paintings are a metaphor for many of life’s small and large moments including the subtle changes in light throughout the day and the grand blend of cultures that exist here in Morocco. The medina paintings synthesize the architectural beauty of the old city, its’ people and markets, and transforms them into imaginary gardens, some abstract and some possessing a hint of realism. Doors, shutters and floor tiles are some of the many influences that can be found in these paintings. 

As I spend more and more time in Morocco, I want to continue to draw upon the richness and specialness of its’ many distinct landscapes, people and architecture, and  further develop these themes in my paintings.

 Kathy Lucoff Godin


Opening party

A Garden is a Garden is a Garden opening party at Dar Souiri cultural centre in Essaouira on October 3, 2015.


Article from the Exhibition by Vivre Essaouira
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